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Sharp Bets In NBA, NHL & College Basketball For Tuesday, Jan. 24

Today’s Sharp Bets In NBA, NHL & College Basketball

The sports betting world never stops, and every day there is a certain side or total that professional bettors seem to love. We’ll take a look here at which have the biggest position on them in terms of where the money is going in contrast to the ticket percentage, otherwise known as the “sharp bet of the day” in each sport. Sharps usually gain an edge by taking a side or total that will get bet heavily and getting the best of the number.

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NBA Sharp Bet: Nuggets at Pelicans Over 230.5

The sharps are riding with over in tonight’s NBA action as the Denver Nuggets take on the New Orleans Pelicans. A whopping 78% of the total money wagered on the game is on the over, but just 36% of tickets are on that side. In contrast, just 22% of the money is on the under, but a large 64% of tickets are backing that side. That means we have a large 42% “Pro-Money Advantage” on the over, by taking the percentage of money wagered and subtracting the bet percentage.

Tickets on the over are worth more money overall than those on the under, so we know where the big money is going. We have already seen this line move in favor of the over, showing that the respected money is on their side rather than the public in this matchup.

I’m assuming this over is going up because neither one of these teams has a very good defense. Plenty of stars in this game that can light up the scoreboard. Nikola Jokic is listed as “day-to-day” but with this total increasing, it seems like he is probably going to play in this one.

Does the model agree with the sharps here on this NBA game? Check it out below:

College Basketball Sharp Bet: Iowa State -5.5 vs. Kansas State

The best side to be on is the sharp side of those, and with BetQL, you’ll always have the chance to swim with the sharps and cash in large this college basketball season. Today, that means taking the Iowa State Cyclones vs. the Kansas State Wildcats in a Big 12 showdown.

A huge 84% of the money is on the Cyclones here, but just 34% of the total tickets are on that side. That means that those tickets are very expensive, and a whole lot of high-rollers are laying down the cash with them. In contrast, only about 16% of the money has been wagered on the Wildcats as of this writing, but 66% of tickets have been placed taking them to cover. That means those tickets aren’t worth a lot of money. That gives us a 50% pro-money advantage on the Cyclones, making them the sharp side.

I absolutely love this bet. No. 12 Iowa State is a -5.5 favorite against No. 5 Kansas State? OK then. You know the public is going to be all over the Wildcats since they are the higher-ranked team getting 5.5 points, but the sharp side is with the Cyclones and that crazy good defense to stuff Kansas State and come out of this one with a victory. We have seen this line keep moving up and up for Iowa State, and I think there is a reason for that.

Does our model agree with the sharps in this game? Find out below:

NHL Sharp Bet: Blues -130 vs. Sabres

Let’s head over to the ice for the final sharp play of the night. There is a ridiculous amount of value to be found in hockey, and if you have been following us here, you have made a lot of money betting on the NHL. The sharps are going with St. Louis Blues vs. the Buffalo Sabres tonight. It’s clear that the professional bettors are liking the Blues here to come away with a home win against the Sabres.

As of this writing, 82% of the money is on the Blues to take this one, but just 49% of the total tickets. In comparison, 18% of the money is liking the Sabres to cover as a huge favorite, but a massive 51% of tickets are riding with that side here. That means that the tickets that are worth a substantially higher amount of money are siding with the Blues in the game, as 82% of the money wagered is on just 49% of the tickets placed. This is a tough one here that could go either way because I think both of these teams are very average. Sharps clearly are liking the Blues at a -130 price, and they could be right to be on that side.

See if the BetQL model is on this side as well below:

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