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2023 NFL Draft: Value Props To Consider Featuring First OL & TE Selected

2023 NFL Draft Betting

The 2023 NFL Draft is going to take place from April 27-29 and the event can be a lot of fun to bet. The best way to bet the NFL Draft is by finding some props that you believe are valuable at the current numbers and that is exactly what we are going to do below. Let’s dive in and identify a couple of plays to take advantage of right now.

First OL Selected: Paris Johnson Jr. (Ohio State) +150

There will be a question as to who will be the first offensive lineman to be drafted in this year’s draft, but it will most likely come down to two guys. Northwestern’s Peter Skoronski and Ohio State’s Paris Johnson Jr. are easily the best prospects in this draft in terms of lineman, and it will likely be a battle between the two of them to be the first OL drafted. Now, there are two ways you can play this, and I would certainly choose to play the “First OL Selected” option rather than match play.

With match play, you are selecting who will be drafted earlier between these two. Currently, Skoronski is -120 to be drafted before Johnson Jr., who is sitting at -110. Now, depending on who you believe gets selected earlier, you can bet it this way, but I feel like there is no chance that anyone other than these two get selected first at the position. Instead, you can play the other option with “First OL Selected” to get better value.

In this section, you are simply picking which OL will be selected first in the draft. If you are of the same opinion and think it’s guaranteed to be one of these two, that means you need only to worry about their odds. Well, Skoronski is +125 to be drafted before anyone else, while Johnson Jr. is +150. There is simply far more value in selecting them in this category than there would be in selecting them in match play.

I think Johnson Jr. will be the first to be selected, as the Bears will want to pair Justin Fields up with an Ohio State guy to protect him, and they are pretty likely to select an OL at No. 9.

First TE Selected: Michael Mayer (Notre Dame) +125

This is the same type of bet as the OL, except with tight ends. There are currently two players at this position who are overwhelming favorites to be the first two drafted at TE: Notre Dame’s Michael Mayer and Utah’s Dalton Kincaid. In match play, Mayer is -120 and Kincaid is -110, but once again, there are zero reasons why you should bet this. Instead, let’s take a look at their odds for “First TE Selected” to get the better value.

In this section, Mayer is +125 and Kincaid is +150 to be the first TE selected.These two are such big favorites to be selected before the field, that the next closest guy is +350 with Darnell Washington. Therefore, the value here is fantastic for both of these guys to be the first TE selected, and this again presents us with a great value over match play. Personally, I think Mayer goes first, so I would take him at +125.