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Colin Cowherd drops Warriors for LeBron trade proposal amidst speculation James wants to leave LA

The NBA offseason has not officially arrived yet, but it’s already time for hilarious speculation.

LeBron James said that he will take time to consider retirement, which had led to questions about his future with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Of course, that’s somehow led to speculation about him joining the Warriors. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer posed the question as to whether a LeBron-Warriors marriage might make sense. This speculative bit below was interpreted as a report:

Interest between LeBron and the Warriors could be mutual. LeBron is BFFs with Draymond and he’s already said that Steph Curry is the current player he’d most like to play with. Last year on The Shop, LeBron’s business partner, Maverick Carter, pushed him to share the team he’d most want to play for other than the Lakers and LeBron said it’d be the Warriors (or the Heat).

Of course, Colin Cowherd is a man who knows content. He took that and ran with it, suggesting that a trade makes sense for both sides.

He pointed towards IQ and a win-now mentality for Golden State:

Yes, the Warriors are already old. Adding LeBron would get them one thing on the road: senior discounts. I admit it. Klay [Thompson] is 33. Steph [Curry] is 35. LeBron’s 38. Draymond [Green] is 33. It would feel like they’re punting on the future. Oh wait, they’ve already got rid of [James] Wiseman. They’ve already punted on their big guy for the future. And they said last week that Klay, Draymond and Steph is what they’re building around. They don’t care about their future.

The Warriors love high-IQ guys. Veterans. You have to be on Steph’s timeline. You’ve got to be able to play in their system because it’s a high-IQ offensive system. Catch and react. Lebron is good at that. And they’re also into winning now. It’s why they moved off their No. 2 pick James Wiseman. It’s why [Jonathan] Kuminga, super athletic, doesn’t play in the playoffs. It’s about winning now.”

So who would be involved in the trade?

“[Andrew] Wiggins, Kuminga and Jordan Poole. It works,” Cowherd said. “With Rui [Hachimura] and [Anthony Davis]. Oh, it really works. So my wings would be Rui, Wiggins and Kuminga, I’ll sign up for that. Youth, coachable guys, ascending. My big would be AD near the rim. My guards would be no-ego Austin Reaves, the grinder. Little bit of ego, a lot of attitude Jordan Poole. Austin Reaves and Jordan Poole. I can live with that. 

“The Lakers owner and the GM have had to relinquish power to LeBron James. It’s what you do with LeBron. They’d get it back. Kuminga, Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Austin Reaves, AD, and the owner and the GM Rob Pelinka now run the franchise again.”

The man has figured it out. Wiggins, Poole and Kuminga shipped off for James.

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